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Starting 2020 all packaging will be 100% recycable. Period. Obviously they'll also be vegan and produced sustainably.

Yours truly couldn't bear bringing any more plastic into the world, so here we are.

Most yaaas' in the Christmas specials will be in packaging made with Kraft and a PLA coating. Ok, hold up. Layman's terms: it's paper made of FSC®-certificated wood. So, responsibly managed forests. 

Obviously, just paper wouldn't be airtight. That's why there's a PLA coating on the inside. This is a completely biologically sourced and (industrially) compostable "plastic". 


The labels are also made of recycled papier, and have been printed with vegan ink. This can also be composted and given back to the earth within a few months.

We do have some of the old batch of "normal" plastic boxes left. We will use those to make the last batch of hard yaaas'. The new packaging isn't suitable for these, and they won't stay in stock for much longer anyway. I'll finish them and that's that.