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Delivery is free on all orders over €80*. Below that it is:


  • Recommended**: PostNL, with T&T - € 9
  • DHL, with T&T - € 8,02


*Excluding any offers. For example, if you've got a coupon for 10% off, then you need a sub total of €88,89 (-10% = €80) for free delivery.


**Statistically, PostNL is a bit more accurate and quicker than DHL, so unless you have a really good reason to choose DHL, we recommend PostNL.

delivery times / order deadlines

Orders placed before 10am on Wednesdays are usually shipped on the same day, and delivered on Fridays. If you would like your package to go to a pickup point, you can indicate this while placing your order.


In regards to delivery time/cooling... During fall/winter/spring this works fine. Firstly, the packages are delivered to the PostNL/DHL point minutes before pickup. During sorting etc., all packages are stored in unheated (but frost free) environments. Given that currently the outdoors temperature is the same as the one in the fridge, that's no problem. I hope to find a (number of) point of sale(s) in the coming weeks, so that I can continue to supply the yaaas' chilled during warmer parts of the year (good option, but too expensive for individual packages).


* Other days are available, in consultation. If you have requested a modified version, then sometimes it is not possible to ship the same day. A French Smeerkees with herbs but without garlic, for example, are definitely among the options, but it usually takes a while.

special occasions

If you would like to order for a special occasion and are you concerned about the shelf life, please indicate this in the comments field when ordering. Then I will make sure you get yaaas at a time that suits you. Your order is obviously also immediately reserved. You can always email me about this too.


I do not have a store or points of sale yet. If you can recommend one, then I would love to hear from you :)