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The Netherlands

Shipping is free on all orders of € 90+ *. Below that it's € 6,95. 

Vegan Flore & Plantbeest operate from the same kitchen. If you decide to order from both webshops, please let us know in the comment section at the checkout. That's the easiest and safest way for us to know we should combine them and not charge you for shipping twice.

Delivery is taken care of by Red je Pakketje. They specialize in same day delivery. They recently opened up their services to small businesses like ours, which is actually what saved Christmas for us this year. Corona really is a bloody Grinch, isn't it.

*Excluding any offers. For example, if you've got a coupon for 10% off, then you need a sub total of €100 (-10% = €90) for free delivery.

How does Red je Pakketje work, exactly?

Vegan Flore will let Red je Pakketje know your package is coming before midnight. This way, they can start planning. They pick up you package around 13:00 and deliver it to one of their sorting centres.

You can still change your delivery address until 15:00 by contacting their customer service. Perhaps sending them a whatsapp message is best.

They will send you a track and trace between 16:00-17:00. This is only a 30 minute time frame, and can be followed live. At 17:00 they load the bus, and come your way. They'll give you a call if you're not opening the door as well.



ordering deadlines


Orders from before 22 November 23:59h:

To be sure you actually get a Christmas box this year, it's really important to order asap. Yaaas' need, as animal cheeses do, time to ripen and they get it. Most take 1-3 weeks, but at the moment I'm writing this, the parma is a whopping 18 months old.

Now we understand that the concept of "time" doesn't feel quite as real as it used to. So here's an extra incentive: order before 22 November 23:59h and receive an extra white bloomy smeerkees with sriracharissa** with every order. 


** Flore thinks normal is boring, so she ferments a variation of hot peppers and garlic à la sriracha, and then flavours the hell out of it à la harissa. Best of both worlds ❤


Bestellingen tussen 23 november 00:00h - 19 december 23:59h:

While stock lasts. Obviously we always make more than has been ordered on the 23rd of November, but still.



All orders from both Vegan Flore & Plantbeest will be sent on the Monday the 21st and Tuesday the 22nd of December and delivered on the same day.

Prefer a certain day? Let us know in the comment section at checkout or through the contact info page.

In case it does take a day longer than expected, please don't worry. The yaaas will be fine, and all have due by dates of at least New Year's Eve so long as you store them in the fridge as soon as you get them. Preferably at the bottom, as that's where it's coldest. (We also always recommend keeping them at least 6 feet apart from any yaaas monsters, as you can't eat them if they have already fallen victim to these, either.)



  • In consultation: from Saturday the 19th up and including Thursday the 24th of December in Eemnes (kitchen) en Bussum (home).