temporarily closed

Unfortunately we have had to close for business due to the corona virus. Mostly because the person who puts the Flore in Vegan Flore every day is one of those who is not... one of the people who would probably definitely be fine. So if you're social distancing, Flo says thanks!

And please don't worry about her too much. Social distancing is her natural habitat so she's doing an Isaac Newton, immersing herself in cheese books, science and Black Sails. Also getting inspired by my boy inventing the rainbow. Sort of. Remember that prism light beam turns to rainbow thing? Yeah, that. Anyway, expect great things in the future, such as rainbow cheese. Not joking.

I can't imagine that you do because HA!, but just in case you do have some extra money lying around or are looking for a gift that doesn't require shipping: we now offer gift cards in the webshop.