Christmas boxes

Allen Strange wearing a santa hat saying: we brought you some good cheeses

We're back babies! I (Flore) am not sure how you lot are doing, but honestly, I just need a whole lot of comfort food.  I won't bother you any further. Come and check out the webshop to see what we have have been up to lately. Spoiler alert: it includes a collaboration with Plantbeest.

rules of the game

What will be in your christmas box exactly will be a surprise. Thankfully we at Vegan Flore are all a bunch of nerds who love a good puzzle, so we'll make absolutely sure that you get a really good combination of products.


ingredients / allergens

On the other hand, we'd also prefer not to poison anyone. Therefore, if you have any dietary restrictions due to, for example, food sensitivities/pregnancy*/being underage* please, do let us know in the comment section at the checkout. Perhaps you'd also like to take a look at our ingredients / allergens page?

You may also inform us of any other preferences, but we can't promise that all wishes can be fulfilled.

*you will grow out of this, from what I understand :)

Very many hunger

We at Vegan Flore are often called "terrible enablers". We don't mind. We are mostly enabling ourselves, after all. We wear the term with pride. For this reason, we love to enable you to order XL boxes and the like without getting bored. Why would you want the same stuff twice? That's rude. So however many boxes you order, we'll make sure there is plenty of variety.

Spongebob tegen Patrick: you're the best bad influence ever!

delivery / pick-up

Plantbeest & Vegan Flore operate from the same kitchen, and combine deliveries. This way, you only pay for delivery once, even if you order from both webshops. We are working with Red je Pakketje, who specialize in same day delivery. Read more about this here: Netherlands. Unfortunately, due to corona it's not possible for us to deliver to Belgium. This has to do with delays at the border.