Christmas special

Allen Strange wearing a santa hat saying: we brought you some good cheeses

It's that time of the year again! And no, I'm not talking about Christmas because who bloody cares. No, I'm talking about Cheese! Oh oops, YAAAS! Sorry, this pun makes more sense in Dutch.

So, basically: a secret santa inspired package filled with 6 delectable, limited edition yaaas'.


Each package consists of:

More info on the individual yaaas' can be found here. These may also be ordered these seperately or in addition to the packages.

  • 1 white mould yaaas. The snow white*, fluffy** crust that we usually fold into the witte smeerkees will now be on the outside for once.
  • 1 special witte smeerkees; with triple garlic or wild garlic pesto.
  • 1 smeerkees (cream yaaas) in a wide variety of flavours. For starters, it may be based on cashews, sunflower seeds or almonds. In terms of tasty toppings, think: Italian herbs; caramel-nuts; cranberry-orange; beet-horse radish; figs and crème de cassis; dates and za'atar; the French smeerkees; etc. The smeerkezen are not usually on sale, with the exception of the French one.
  • 1 three month old parma.
  • 2 hard yaaas', In addition to our usual cumin and coriander seed ones, we make lots of extra flavours for this. Think: stem ginger, Friesian clove, fenugreek, ones fermented in red wine, etc.


*Please don't @ me with your anti-racist crap ok, I didn't make this term up ;).

**No animals have been harmed in the creation of these yaaas', so no fluffy geese either.

De ganzen van de aristokatten: oh??

Fridge life



Unopened and living in the bottom of your fridge, all yaaas' will last you until Christmas. All yaaas' except the hard ones should also last you until New Year's Eve.


New Year's Eve

We'll make a second batch for those who want to use their yaaas' for New Year's. These cheeses will be created later and thus have a later use by date. This means the hard yaaas' will also still be good when the new year comes. Let us know you'd prefer this option through the comment section as you place your order. More info can be found here

Elfing it up

So, you know the rules behind Secret Santa. Now, we have only the sweetest, nerdiest elves working here. And while we love a puzzle here and want to give everyone a nice selection of cheeses - so none of this chilli smeerkees and chilli hard yaaas silliness - this only works to a certain extent.


Ingredients / allergens

We would actually prefer not to poison you, however, so please do let us know about any allergies or the like. You can do this through the comment section as you place your order. Obviously we will do our level best to mix you a nice selection that you can actually enjoy.


Besides this, obviously you may inform us of any things that are on you wish list (or flavours that wouldn't make it on yours for a million Euros). Having said that, most yaaas' take weeks if not months to make. To ensure a nice variety for everyone, it may not always be possible to please every single request.


You may also want to take a look at our ingredients / allergens page.

pickup / delivery

Christmas & New Year's Eve


The Netherlands



For true gourmands

I have to admit that we at Vegan Flore have been called "bloody enablers" before, and we wear that badge with pride. You may have noticed. Thus we do love to enable you to give into those good, good yaaas-cravings. And to make matters even "worse", we've got an XL package that is basically twice the size, but not the same thing twice. Who would want that? That's stupid.


Therefore, allow us to sketch you a picture of what Double Trouble looks like:


  • 2 white mould yaaas'.
  • 3 witte smeerkezen:
    • 1 original (or OG, if you will)
    • 1 with triple garlic
    • 1 with wild garlic pesto
  • 2 cream yaaas' in different flavours.
  • 1 parma.
  • 4 hard yaaas' in different flavours.
  • ... and free delivery within the Netherlands.


Someone has yet to order three packages, but uhm, try me!

Spongebob tegen Patrick: you're the best bad influence ever!