... and now we are very much terribly (except not quite) sold out. Sorry, but I've told you not to not to buy so much! ;)


So a few yaaas' are readily available as ever.


This week we're making ALL the cheeses and definitely not sleeping. The white bloomy smeerkees is fermenting, the fondue has been perfected, the garlic is making the neighbour hungry with the smell of warm black garlic and the white bloomy rind yaaas' I'm making tomorrow.


And Yes, you did read that correctly. From now on two new products are available in the webshop!


ORDER BEFORE 28 JANUARY 2020 TO BE CERTAIN OF SHIPPING ON 11 FEBRUARY (in time for Valentine's 14/2/'20).

More info on deadlines and shipping can be found here.


I had considered calling this one "Bussum's White", but I've been informed that makes me sound like I'm running a All Lives Matter rally, which, nope. So instead you get this generic name that informs you that this is really just a Brie like any other except without unneccessary speciesism. Animal rights matter ;)

Unopened, this yaaas will keep for about 7 days. It prefers to live at the bottom of your fridge. Freezing is not the best idea. We called it something other than "Elsa". The yaaas weighs about 150 grams.

The white bloomy rind yaaas have made their appearances on your Christmas dinners already. Below are a few raving reviews (uhm, trust me?).

They'll be a monthly occuring ritual from now on. I literally got an email on the 26th of December if I could not pretty please send them another 1 (or 6) for New Year's Eve so... I'll take a hint.


The basic idea is that every month, you can order this specific yaaas until a certain date. I'll then make as many cheeses as you've ordered and a couple more just in case. January is a bit of a weird one, so I'll just make plenty. These will then be available for pickup/delivery on the 22nd of January. This, I can do because this yaaas also forms the base of...





Looooveeee ooff mmmyyyy liiiffffeeeeee~. Seriously though I have been dying to share this one again. A few years ago I developed a version of this fondue for a restaurant where it's been the most popular dish on the menu from day 1. During the first year of Vegan Flore I've improved the recipe on a few fronts, and now I can finally put it up for sale.

The fondue is based on the white bloomy rind yaaas/white bloomy smeerkees. Seeing as that one is still fermenting, the fondue will also be ready to be shipped from the 22nd of January. 

I would love to say that my friends and family were tortured into trying the fondue over the holidays, but really they kept bulldozing me for more so really it wasn't fair at all.


But hey, if these are the reviews you get....